Terms of Service


Delivery Times

MH12 Foods is all about freshness. 

We only prepare your order, after we receive it, in the exact quantity required to fulfil the orders received on the day.

We do not store, pre-ground flour, mixes or spices. That is not honest.

Therefore, though we promise to deliver every order within 2-3 working days, we may take an additional couple of days, if we receive a higher volume of orders. We will keep you informed, if your order may take more time due to backlogs.

Refunds and Returns

Maintaining quality and freshness is our priority.

If you find any of our product not up to the mark, please write to us on [email protected] and help us understand the issue and also, send us some photographs. We will do our best to send you a replacement or refund your order.

However, since we do not add any preservatives and additives, we can not consider any returns or refunds after 5 days of the delivery date.

Humidity is the biggest risk for our products. We advise you to keep all flours, mixes and spices in a cool and dry place after opening. 

We reserve the right to refuse returns and/or refunds due to unreasonable or unsatisfactory reasons or due to reasons beyond our control or area of responsibility. 


Policy for Mango orders.

  • Orders during Mango Season (Mid-March to Mid-June) after 9pm Tuesday may be processed on Wednesday/Thursday, subject to stock availability, with next-day delivery on Thursday/Friday. Contact us via email to confirm before ordering.
  • There will be NO REFUND FOR ANY OF THE MANGO BOXES YOU BUY. All are closed boxes. Before customer collection and courier shipping, we will open the box and check if the quantity is correct. We have chosen the best quality Alphonso Mangoes from Devgad / Kokan region and have been bringing them safely to the UK, since last 5+ years.
  • Mango being a very Sensitive fruit, Cold English weather is not good for Mangoes. This cold weather makes mango skin go black/spotty; hence it is essential to consume mango within a few days time and that it is not stocked for more than 2-4 days. Mango is a Natural fruit, as you might appreciate, we cannot cut open each fruit and see inside.
  • Sometimes fruits seem fine from outside, but being natural, we cannot guarantee what’s inside the fruit. As most of you might be aware, when Mangoes are taken down from the trees, the juices at the point of attachment of stems to the Mangoes, sometimes drips down onto the outside of the Mango. With time this juice solidifies and may turn into a black spot. This does not mean that the Mango is bad in most cases.
  • We do not have a return policy. There will be NO REFUND FOR ANY OF THE BOXES YOU BUY. Yes, if the whole box is not good, then we might deal with your case on a personal level, if we have been communicated within 24 hours of collection or receipt of shipment with a picture of each mango gone bad and a collective picture of all the mangoes in the box/boxes.
  • No return policy. No refunds except at our discretion with a 10% administrative charge.
  • Customers will receive updates from our courier partner (Parcelforce / DPD/ FedEx) on email and / text on the mobile number provided while placing your order along with a link to track your parcel. Please reschedule delivery directly with the courier company if you won’t be available to receive parcel.
  • Our contract with the courier gives us their assurance on them delivering your orders securely and safely, but sometimes due to various operation reasons, these parcels are delivered with delays.
  • Once the orders are dispatched via Courier, MH12 Foods does not accept any responsibility for the condition of the fruits or any other items included in your order, at point of delivery. If we are informed about any issues with video / pictures while opening as received as evidence, we will certainly try to resolve the issue at our discretion.
  • Provide correct address for delivery. No refunds for parcels lost/ not delivered due to incorrect/ incomplete address.



Delivery Charges

Our delivery charges are based on total order weight for delivery in mainland UK. Appropriate delivery charge will added and presented to you with the shopping basket.

If you have any questions about our delivery charges, do write to us and we will do our best to respond you promptly.

Local collection can be arranged upon request. Please write to us to agree on collection times and location.

Allergen Advice

We deeply care for your health and well-being.

We ask you to inform us before placing your order if you are allergic to any ingredient. We can not guarantee as our products are created in an area where gluten and nuts etc are also used to create various mixes.

We will refund your order 100% if you inform us in advance about any allergy and we do not feel confident about delivering your product safely.

If you need any further advice or guidance, please contact us.